Ministerial recognition of Ms. Ágnes De Coll

Minister of Interior Dr. Sándor Pintér awarded Ministerial Recognition to Ms. Ágnes De Coll, the Anti-Trafficking Program Director of the Hungarian Baptist Aid.

A Gallery of Baptist Youth Sport Excellence

At Budapest Baptist High School and Sport School, we are home to many of Hungary’s most outstanding youth athletes.

What We Learned at the Chess World Championship

Julianna and Zsuzsanna Terbe, twins and both players of the Hungarian Baptist Aid who represented Hungary at the FIDE World Junior Chess Championships have come back from the picturesque Italian Alps with some important lessons learned.

Baptist Twins Represent Hungary at World Junior Chess Championship

Julianna and Zsuzsanna Terbe, twins and both players of the Hungarian Baptist Aid, will represent Hungary at the FIDE World Junior Chess Championships held in Tarvisio, Italy from November 13rd to 27th

NGOs in Ukraine Learn about Dealing with Defeat from Visegrad Experts

Kiev, Ukraine - How do humanitarian organizations learn from their mistakes? "Failed Projects and New Approaches” was the theme of the conference in Kiev, held at the offices of the Adventist Development and Relief Agency. Dávid Gál, international director of Hungarian Baptist Aid was one of the trainers at the event.

Balatonföldvár-Roma Bible School

Balatonföldvár-Hungarian Baptist Aid organized a training for Roma pastors from September 24th-29th. The program will continue in January in the city by the lake.

Helping the Refugees in the transit zones of the Southern Border

Röszke, Tompa – As a member of Charity Council, the workers and volunteers of Hungarian Baptist Aid are working at the Southern borders of Hungary in the following months to meet the request of Hungarian Ministry of Human Capacities.

ALDI Food Program

Pécs - Hungarian Baptist Aid’s National Social Assistance Center, in cooperation with Hungarian Food Bank Association, started its express store-product-saving-project this June.

Rescue Team’s Storage Place Caught Fire

On June 3rd, Hungarian Baptist Aid’s HUBA Rescue24 international search and rescue team’s storage place was partially burnt down because of electric fire.

Civil and Military Cooperation

Budapest – Hungarian Baptist Aid (HBAid) has more than twenty-year-long national and international experiences within the humanitarian aid and in the field of rehabilitation and development. According to the request of Hungarian Defense Forces Civic-Military Cooperation and Psychological Operations Center, Dávid GÁL HBAid’s Director of International Programs and Sándor HORVÁTH HBAid’s program coordinator participated in a training that introduced the civic-military cooperation (CIMIC).

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