Hungarian Baptist Aid is committed to preventing and fighting against human trafficking. Our organization assists victims of human trafficking with rehabilitation, reintegration, and also advocates and represents their legal rights. We have been combating the trafficking of human beings for more than a decade.


Main Activities:




  • Trainings (police, social network, involved offices)
  • Media (visibility of the phenomenon)
  • Lobbying (modification in law instrument, fundraising)



  • Safe escort coordination and safe transportation of victims
  • Crisis intervention
    • Risk assessment
    • Examination of health, mental and sociocultural condition
  • Shelters/rehabilitation
  • Low threshold services/reintegration
  • Follow up and monitoring


Our goal is to help the victims to be able to live independently and manage their lives individually.


HBAid provides the following assistance for victims of trafficking while in rehabilitation:

  • Social assistance
  • Organize daily activities
  • Assist with engagement and spending leisure time actively
  • Build self-help groups and support networks
  • Assist with special strategies and medicine-compliance
  • Assist and advisement for victimes employment searches
  • Offer personalized direct assistance (psychosocial, health and legal)
  • Provide psychologist, psychiatrist and mental help
    • Give advice and information about mental and physical health care, social and children protection and welfare services
    • Help victims find education, vocational training, competency and skill development
      • Further availability and possibilities of engagement, education and housing
      • Implement rehabilitation and reintegration process


For more information, please contact: emberker@hbaid.org

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