Social Service


As one of the largest institutions in Hungary with an ecclesiastical standing, HBAid has decided to participate in public tasks of social service in line with their goodwill activities, for the purpose of helping the poor and the needy.


In the course of our ministry over the years through our facilities, we have been providing nearly every kind of service listed in professional regulations, Social and Child Protection laws. Our activities cover the expanse of the country, involving the care of elderly people, homeless people, psychiatric patients, addicts, the disabled, children and families.


In keeping with our efforts to operate our system of child welfare, childcare and social institutions as a network, we set a high-priority objective for the year of 2013, that the workers of the facilities would have a knowledge base conforming to high standards. To facilitate this objective, the Center for the Maintenance of Social Institutions was set up to provide central support for the work being done at the facilities. This is especially important among the present circumstances of ongoing change in the professional environment. Besides tasks involving methodology and motivating continual modernization, quality assurance and efficient operation are also our key responsibilities.


On the institutional level, on one hand, we launched new services (family daycare, home assistance, social catering, temporary home for families), on the other hand, we transformed our already existing institutions and expanded their sphere of services (for example the residential home is now supported housing and a significant expansion has occured in the territory covered by the catering services). While prioritizing high-quality professional work, financial considerations and keeping the balance of the budget also called for instances of institutional reorganization, which yielded positive results for both those in our care and also the workers providing this care, which laid the foundations for the security in the continued performance of our tasks.

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