Christian authors and publishers for refugees of the war in Ukraine

Author: Főadmin Date: 2022. május 13., péntek 14:36


Participants in a prestigious professional conference donated to the Baptist Charity Service to help war refugees.

Hungary has hosted the LittWorld 2022 International Conference, which is convened every three years by Media Associates International, an organization of Christian book and magazine publishers and authors. The professional gathering in Siófok was attended by more than two hundred participants from half a hundred countries on five continents to expand their knowledge of Christian book publishing, build relationships and strengthen their mission under the motto of the conference: "Together we are stronger: to hope beyond the crisis".
The event, which ended a week ago, was hosted by Harmat Publisher. It was the idea of a Mexican publisher, that everyone bring a small gift from their own country, put the souvenirs on a table and buy from them.
The money was offered to help refugees in the war in Ukraine. The task of the delivery was entrusted to the employees of Harmat Publishing House, who supplemented the amount, so in the end they transferred HUF 500,000 to the account of the Baptist Charity Service reserved for this purpose. Thank you for your support on behalf of those in need!
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