Balatonföldvár-Roma Bible School

Author: Főadmin Date: 2017. október 12., csütörtök 17:58

Balatonföldvár-Roma Bible School


Balatonföldvár-Hungarian Baptist Aid organized a training for Roma pastors from September 24th-29th. The program will continue in January in the city by the lake.


Two pastors from the US travelled to Hungary for a week, in order to teach Roma pastors from Romania, Ukraine and Hungary in Balatonföldvár at the Hungarian Baptist Unions’ apartment. Students learned about the Old Testament and Apologetics so that in the future they would be doing even better missionary work in their churches than before. The American teachers are frequent lecturers in similar seminars in the US.

These semesters are organized in every year, for three years altogether nine semesters until graduation ,with logistic assistance and translators from Hungarian Baptist Aid. 

Roma brothers and sisters from Hungary and across the border were sent by Hungarian Baptist Unions’ Roma missions’ department in order to participate in the Bible School. The first year of the three years long course just ended two weeks ago. There were week-long-classes in January and April. According to the plan, the program will continue on January 22nd.

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