Dutch Volunteers for the People in Need

Budapest – The Baptist Service Center in Kőbánya is under major developments. A laundry and a bath is now available for the needy people staying at the shelter at Maglódi Street. However, the 'to-do-list' will never run out. Dutch volunteers from the partner organisation called 'Stichting Embrace' helped this week to paint, expand and to set in order the dining room of the shelter.

Camp for the Roma Youth

Tahi – At one of the most beautiful places in the conservation area of Pilis, at the Baptist Camp in Tahi, Roma young people could spend a week, who arrived from Transylvania and Nagyhalász (Eastern Hungary). The camp included sports, games, meaningful conversations and worship time.

A Letter of Thanks

Hungarian Baptist Aid (HBAid) has been fighting against human trafficking since 2003 by helping the victims and promoting the prevention of victimization. HBAid also represents the interest and ensures the protection and provision of victims. On the other day, one of the victims thanked HBAid's staff in a letter after receiving assistance.

In Tápióbicske with Dutch Christian Helpers

Tápióbicske – The Dutch partners of Hungarian Baptist Aid (HBAid), the volunteers of Stichting Embrace, painted school facilities, repaired the homes of needy families and showed a brightful example to follow to those who tend to be distressed under the weight of misfortune. It was an exemplary cooperation to welcome new results.

Games, Music and English – with American Volunteers for the Children in Need

Ibrány, Nyírbogdány – Hungarian Baptist Aid, in cooperation with Baptists on Mission, organized English camps involving American and Hungarian volunteers in two settlements of Nyírség, Hungary.

Summer Camps Countrywide and Across Borders

Hungary, Transylvania (Romania), Transcarpathia (Ukraine) - Summer has really begun! Language courses, Bible studies, crafts, plays, sports and entertaining games are all part of the camps that are organized at the educational institutions that are maintained by Hungarian Baptist Aid.

Police Show and Soccer Games on World Refugee Day

Budapest, Fót – On World Refugee Day, June 20th, Hungarian Baptist Aid organized an event for the refugee children staying in the Integration Center for Refugees and Temporary Home for Protected Families. The children got to meet with the installations of a police car, and could try how to create fingerprints.

Beauty in Poverty: One Day for the Ladies

Budapest – The workers of Baptist Integration Center (in Hungarian: BIK) organized the so-called “BIK Beauty Day", that was a special event for the women residents of the institution.

Guests from the United States

Budapest, Seregélyes, Nagyhalász - Guests from the United States visited HBAid in the last couple of days.

Baptist Help in Western Hungary: Ambulance in the Refugee Camp

Körmend – A week ago, on May 2nd, Hungarian Baptist Aid’s special rescue team, the so-called HUBA Rescue24, started its work with its staff and ambulance car at the temporary camp in Körmend (Vas county, Western Hungary).

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